Terms & Conditions
of maintenance service

    1. Customer shall read and follow the Conditions of Warranty and the Operation Procedures printed in the handset Vendor’s User Manual or listed on its official website.
    2. Customer is responsible for all data backup prior to any repair service for smartphone or accessories. Customer Service Center is not liable for any consequential data loss or damages caused during inspection and / or repair service performed.
      1. Even though non-refundable service charge is paid for data backup, Customer Service Center is not liable for any consequential data loss or damages during the process (Data-including data downloaded by customer whether or not from third parties);
      2. Customer is required to check all restored data prior to leaving the Customer Service Center;
      3. All backup data will not be kept in Customer Service Center after any service provided;
      4. Under no circumstances will Customer Service Center be liable in any way to any problems caused by improper use of other additional contents or other third party contents.
    3. The software version of the mobile equipment under repair may be upgraded.
    4. Customer Service Center reserves the right to charge / refuse to provide any warranty service if any of the following is found:
      1. abuse / misuse;
      2. repairs / modifications or adjustments / improper installations done by non-authorized persons / workshops;
      3. damages by accidents, including but not limited to overheating / fire / improper ventilation / liquid damages;
      4. tempering / missing of seal label;
      5. IMEI / ESN label on handset not match with handset / PCB.
    5. Any defective phone unit / parts / components replaced will not be returned to customer, Customer Service Center has the right for disposal of such items.
    6. If customer does not collect serviced item within 60 days from date of maintenance order issued, Customer Service Center has the right to dispose of such item without any prior notice and will not accept any subsequent claim by the customer.
    7. Service charge is non-refundable.
    8. This form or the original maintenance order receipt must be presented when claiming any serviced item. If original maintenance order cannot be produced, Customer Service Center reserves the right to refuse releases or returns of any serviced item.
    9. This Center may use customer personal information for future customer satisfaction survey, and this information will not be released to public or disclosed to any unauthorized person.
    10. Customer Service Center address: Unit 2802, 28/F, AXA Tower, Landmark East, 100 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Service Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 – 13:00 & 14:00 – 17:00, (close on public holiday and lunch hour 1-2pm). Customer Service number: 2980 8073
    11. Payment by cash only. No credit card is accepted.


    * Customer Service Center reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions of this Maintenance Order without prior notice.